The current situation of Coronavirus is having a great impact in every individual’s lives and changing what we all used to have as normal daily routines.
This period of time can represent a big challenge for most of people all over the world. Therefore this is a very important time to be resilient, compassionate and supportive to each other, use all kind of strategies and coping mechanisms, so everyone is able to overcome this difficult time in the best way possible.

Here is a list of suggestions that can help you go through this stage, maintaining your mental health:

1. Filtering the news
2. Stablish a meaningful, pleasant and balanced routine
3. Keep social interaction as much as possible, but respecting the current government recommendations
4. Take care of your self
5. Spend quality time with your family

Create your own timetable according with your preferences and life style. Repeat the things that are working well with you every week and make adjustments of the things that are not working so well, you can do weekly reviews of you plan and about the things you want to vary in your routines.

Example of a structured timetable

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